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Bewertung von ElaneWhite am 02.05.2022
Titel: "After all my stay in the clinic was pure relaxation"
Erfahrungsbericht: "I have been a patient at the Goldstadt Private Clinic Pforzheim since 2018.

After an abdominal reoperation at the end of 2020, I developed an incisional hernia.

The incisional hernia operation was performed in the Goldstadt Private Clinic and went without complications. The visible wound healing was more than satisfactory. After 2 1/2 months I am completely recovered.

The doctors are human, compassionate, never aloof, always calm, paired with competence and a high level of expertise. All this is reflected in the entire team and you feel absolutely safe and in very good hands.

After the successful operation, the nursing staff took great care of me.

My stay in this very well equipped, tastefully furnished and hygienically clean clinic was pure relaxation."

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